About Stockholm

  1. Golden HallPhoto: E Dennis Copyright: Stockholm Visitors Board. Image Bank Sweden.
  2. Ecotrip - Stunning Stockholm by waterPhoto/Copyright: Henrik Trygg. Image Bank Sweden.
  3. Ecotrip - Gamla Stan (The Old Town)Photo/Copyright: Nicho Södling. Image Bank Sweden.
  4. Ecotrip: The Royal Palace and Djurgårds bronPhoto/Copyright: Nicho Södling Image Bank Sweden.
  5. Ecotrip - The ArchipelagoPhoto/Copyright: Orsolya Haarberg Image Bank Sweden
  6. Midsummer celebrationPhotographer: Bo Lind Copyright: VisitSweden Image Bank Sweden
  7. Ecotrip - Stockholm by water
  8. Ecotrip - Changing of the guard
  9. Ecotrip - The Atmospheric Old Town
  10. Ecotrip - Majestic City Hall

Amazing Stockholm is the Capital of the kingdom of Sweden and it is in the middle of the Baltic Sea, connect the waterways of the Scandinavian peninsula with the open sea. Stockholm has survived many sieges but never surrendered, which means that is has keep it ancient glory combined with stunning new architecture.

The main attraction is the  Old Town, founded in early 13th century, but also the well preserved ancient warship “Vasa” or the The City Hall where the Nobel Banquet is held every year is highly popular among Visitors.

Stockholm has more bridges than Venice and should be experienced by the water. We offer exclusive custom made boattours. All our licensed guides can tour the hotspots of the city such as museums or palaces without special permission. We can also give you detailed information on daily life and the Swedish society of today or give you good opportunities of shopping without getting stuck at tourist traps.

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